YogaAt Your Company

A number of studies have shown the physical, mental and emotional benefits of doing yoga at your company for you and your colleagues. More and more innovative companies are using yoga as a way of supporting the wellbeing of their team.

It is a highly cost-effective way of supporting and re-energising staff and a good way of showing corporate commitment to staff wellbeing. Yoga also helps create a more pleasant working environment and lowers workplace stress. Our clients see it as an important part of their strategy to reduce absenteeism and improve talent retention.

We were in your shoes a few years ago. We worked in the City and were looking for ways to help our colleagues relax and stay healthy and happy. We hope we are therefore well placed to help you make your company an even better place to work.

We spend as much time as required to together structure a yoga program that best supports you and your colleagues. With our corporate clients we support them to engage with and better understand the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing requirements of their colleagues via tailored marketing, social media and face-to-face meetings and surveys.

Having gone through this process we create a program tailored specifically to help support that client and its team. This includes advising on the style of yoga, the specific teacher, organising regular times and locations that fit into your schedule and of course providing all the equipment required. We then monitor progress both via a structured program of feedback with both the instructor and the client adjusting the service to reflect your changing needs over time.

We have a team of 50 leading instructors who are the best in their field, highly trained, highly experienced, professional and friendly. All are fully-qualified and insured. As a result we can send great instructors to you at any time that fits in with your schedule.

The logistics are simple. All you need to do is call. We’ll organise the equipment and instructors. Payment is also simple-our clients typically set up quarterly direct debits or invoices. Plus regular sessions with us often cost as little as £5 per head with no extra costs.

We'd love to chat further.

For more information please call us on… +44 (0)208 993 1597 or email: mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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